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Who we are

Thusanani Foundation (NPO) is a non-profit organization aimed at bridging the ever widening educational and technological information gap between rural youth and their urban counterparts in order to create an equal opportunity for all to access and succeed in institutions of higher learning (both Universities and TVET colleges). Thusanani Foundation does this through an integrated and holistic approach tailor-made to address the socio-economic, educational, infrastructural and technological needs of rural and township high schools.

In response to the challenges facing rural and township youth in South Africa, Mukovhe Morris Masutha, then SRC President at the University of the Witwatersrand, along with fellow Wits University student, Ntandokabawo James, founded Thusanani Foundation to respond to these challenges. Since 2011 Thusanani Foundation has evolved from a two men initiative into a registered non-profit organization with over 1000 volunteers in 6 institutions of higher learning across South Africa, reaching out to over 35 000 high school learners in Rural KZN, Limpopo, Eastern Cape, Free State and some Gauteng Townships. Thusanani Foundation has managed to enroll over 450 students into various institutions of higher learning. In partnership with Universities, FET Colleges, NGOs, Government and the Private Sector, the Foundation aims to reach out and empower over 100 000 rural and township youth by 2017.