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What we do

Due to lack of access to accurate information, technology, and educational resources, many talented young South Africans living in rural and township areas either do not consider, or are unable to access institutions of higher education and many other post-schooling opportunities. The bulk of the lucky and privileged few who manage to access institutions of higher learning drop out without completing their studies. There is a very big educational information gap that exists between rural high school learners and their urban counterparts.

This lack of information and motivation creates a spirit of hopelessness and discouragement amongst rural youth, which in turn impacts negatively on their academic performance, and results in most of our youth falling into the NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) tragedy. As a result of this educational information and technology gap, most rural youth are unable to access post-school opportunities available to them, such as free access to FET colleges, teacher training funding, learnerships, the National Students Financial Aid Scheme, bursaries, as well as other skills development initiatives that can help break the cycle of poverty in our communities.

In order to achieve our core objective, Thusanani Foundation offers the following services to rural and township Youth:

Career Guidance and Motivational Mentorship Programmes
Promotion and Improvement of performance in Mathematics, Science, Engineering and Technology
Winter and Spring School Revision Programmes
Facilitation of Admission into institutions of higher learning and FET Colleges
Higher Education Funding Opportunities awareness
Promotion of Vocational and Artisan Skills
Continuous On-Campus Social and Academic Support Programmes
Industry-Based Mentorship and Professional Development
Entrepreneurship and leadership Development